Ann - based in Cuxham and runs a small, soft furnishing business from home


“Several of our neighbours run businesses from home - the introduction of this superfast service has been widely welcomed”

“I never thought that superfast broadband would be vital for my business, but it allows me to offer more to my clients. For example, fabric searches can now be done on-line saving hours of time, travel costs and also images or ideas for a scheme can be shared extremely easily too.” 

Ann’s husband also works from home and she has identified several of the positive aspects that have allowed him to have a better work-life balance. She explains:

“Having superfast broadband has always been essential for my husband's work; now he can: work from home more often and save time from a long commute - that means he can be more flexible with the working hours that suit him; he can download important documents more quickly and easily and video conferencing is now a possibility”

Before making the upgrade to superfast broadband Ann received connection speeds of 8Mbps, which made it very difficult to use several devices at the same time.

“Since the upgrade, our download speed has increased to 70Mbps. The catch-up TV no longer buffers or drops-out, so you can be sure to watch programmes whenever you want, which all helps to make family life happier and easier.”

Ann explains about her new broadband service:

“We got a good deal with a package to suit our needs. We are actually not paying any more than we paid before upgrading, despite now getting a far superior service. I would definitely recommend it to others, especially as there are some very good deals on offer. Now that we have superfast broadband, we can enjoy all the great benefits it brings for the same price as our old super-slow service - do it!”