Beverley Davison - Virtuoso violinist and comedienne, working from home and away (on the cruise ships!)


“Do it… just do it! Fibre-to-the-Premise is a luxury and in many years’ time it will become the norm. Getting FTTP was especially important to me after 14 years of using dial-up internet. What I can do now is phenomenal!”

Beverley Davison is the highly acclaimed artiste known as, 'The Diva of Music and Laughter.' She has travelled and wowed audiences worldwide for the last 14 years with her one woman show on cruise ships. Beverley is the Artistic Director of the first all-female string orchestra, 'HOT STRINGS!' in Europe and makes frequent appearances on BBC Radio and Classic FM; she also performs at concert venues and theatres nationally and internationally.

Beverley has recently had Fibre-to-the-Premise (FTTP) installed, which she describes has made such a change to her life. Previously, her work was crippled by the lack of internet availability.

“For the first time ever, I can now use the internet properly. It’s been life-changing and affects every minute of my day. I can access information much quicker and it is staggering what I can use.”

Beverley lives in south Oxfordshire with her husband, ex International Juggler Jonny James, now working from home designing and making contemporary furniture. Beverley explains:

“We are 9 miles from the nearest exchange and due to the extra funding from the BBfO programme, we were lucky to get FTTP. It feels like we have been pulled out of the remotest part in the Amazon rainforest…and I’ve been there on my travels! We don’t have TV, radio or a good mobile phone signal, which over the years had become of paramount importance. Now we have FTTP and this is such a desirable asset, should we want to move house. Compared to our situation, most people perhaps forget and take for granted the easy accessibility they have to TV or radio. If I want to use the radio now, I listen to it through my laptop and I can stream films over the internet.”

Over the last 14 years, Beverley had to use the traditional dial-up method, which she explained:

“Caused so much frustration. It would cut out regularly, which I wouldn’t know had happened as there was no warning. There were many times when I was in the twenty-five minute process of trying to download a photo when the line would just cut out and I would still be waiting unaware it had dropped. I also have an agent in America who at the time, needed me to read and sign contractual documents, which I couldn’t send back.”

Beverley explained that using dial-up caused a great deal of embarrassment and angst; she also couldn’t look at other people’s websites or listen to their backing tracks, which had an enormous impact on her work life. In the past, Beverley would work from home for 3 months of the year and have to use an ineffective dial-up service that would break connection and cost up to £14k annually! The situation didn’t improve and Beverley didn’t know whom to contact or how to improve her broadband.

Then Beverley got in touch with Craig Bower, Programme Director for the Better Broadband programme to explain her broadband provision. She says: “Craig has been fantastic and opened a door that had been previously locked. I am incredibly grateful and express my extreme thanks; having FTTP has changed many aspects of our lives.”

“Without Craig’s help, I struggled for 14 years and in a way that I could not technically explain or express. I was ever so frustrated when I was informed that charges of £14k per year could not be reduced. No-one took my situation seriously and I spent a lot of time trying to resolve these issues. I was bounced around and the situation was not progressing. It was such an ordeal trying to get someone to listen and my friends and family were aghast about my situation. I am very thankful to Craig for all the help he provided. Previously, my broadband service was like being in the desert, but now I’m in a monsoon!”

When Beverley was set-up with FTTP, she explained that:

“There were a few teething problems, which took a few weeks to settle. This was due to the white box on the wall of my house, which was at the wrong level and also the wiring was quite flimsy and had become disconnected, so I was given a few different routers to try. Overall, everything was quickly rectified.”

Before the upgrade to FTTP, Beverley received internet connection speeds at 0.2Mbps. Now, Beverley could receive up broadband speeds up to 330Mbps, if she desired to take-up the higher range of packages available. Beverley also shared that although she can access products at the higher range, she has chosen a package to suit her needs up to 60Mbps.

“I don’t need the full 330Mbps, but I am aware some neighbours have opted for the fuller package. I am also used to working on cruise ships where the connection can be very sporadic, so I am happy with the lower end of the package.”

There are also other internet service providers that operate in the area and some of the neighbours have taken-up a service through them. Beverley comments:

“I believe that we were the last people in Oxfordshire to be on a dial-up service and although help has come late in the day, it is very much appreciated. We would never have got there without the BBfO programme!”


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