Bob gives his stamp of approval to new superfast broadband service


“Hooray - it’s so much better and really worthwhile! I can now exploit my smart TV more fully and watch catch-up on demand, boxed sets etc. I am also going to move to Netflix and use Amazon Prime more frequently.”

Bob has retired and belongs to many clubs in his local area, one of which involves stamp collecting. He enjoys using the internet in his spare time to research and order products, find out what local events are going on, pay bills, send images of stamps to his social club and generally, for keeping in touch with friends. Since upgrading to superfast broadband, Bob’s download speeds have soared to around 54Mbps – a dramatic improvement on the less than 2Mbps he used to get!

Bob said: “I’m now receiving a vastly improved service, especially with downloads. It’s so much easier to send images via email now, which are mostly pictures of my stamps; this was previously impossible or painfully slow as the screen would often just freeze.”

As advice to others wanting to make the upgrade, Bob says: “Don’t delay; get upgraded asap! I was quick off the mark to have a look at the various packages on offer and have signed-up for one that gives me 50+Mbs per month.”

Bob knew that the fibre broadband cabinet had been delivered by keeping in regular contact with the Better Broadband Team and also by word of mouth from his local neighbours. Bob also acknowledges the importance of superfast broadband for younger members of his community.

“It’s been very welcomed by the youngsters who feel much less isolated - they can efficiently and without the frustration of the internet dropping-out, communicate and share things more easily with their friends and also access schoolwork to complete their homework, especially as much of this is done online now.” 

Regardless of which broadband service provider you choose, it can sometimes take a few days for your new fibre service and higher speeds to stabilise. If for any reason you should experience any issues with your new fibre broadband service, the Better Broadband Team would advise contacting your service provider in the first instance. This is exactly what Bob did after experiencing some small teething issues when his new service was installed.

He said: “I noticed my new fibre broadband was sometimes dropping out and wi-fi around the house wasn’t as strong as it had been, so I raised it with my service provider. I’m glad that I did, as it turned out to be nothing to do with my new service at all; everything was quickly resolved following a visit by two Openreach engineers, which was arranged by my service provider.”


To find out more about fibre broadband or the status of Better Broadband in your area, then please contact the team at: or visit our Postcode Checker Map.