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Changes to how broadband speeds are advertised from May 2018

7 June 2018

ASA has recently implemented standards whereby broadband advertisements must be based on the download speed available to at least 50% of customers at peak times and must be described in ads as 'average.' These standards came into effect on 23rd May 2018 and apply to residential broadband services. ASA also recommend that speed-checking facilities should be promoted in advertisements wherever possible, for example, as provided on ISP websites.

The change came into effect due to research into broadband speed claims, which revealed that consumers were likely to be misled. ASA then undertook a full public consultation, which emphasised that a change to the current standards was supported by evidence and all key stakeholders. The following options were then recommended as the basis for advertised claims:

  • median download speed measured at peak-time or over 24 hours or
  • a range of download speeds available to the 20th to 80th percentile of users measured at peak time or over 24 hours


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Source: ASA & CAP News