Chris runs The Bell Inn, Adderbury, North Oxfordshire


“We live our lives online. I do everything for the business on the internet, payments, orders, on the i-pad or other devices; it’s just crucial for my business.”

Chris was excited to get superfast broadband installed about 18 month ago and runs this popular pub in Adderbury, which also offers accommodation:

“Nowadays everyone expects a certain speed from broadband, so all guests staying and dining here use it and appreciate having it available. I am very glad that I can offer this service that our customers love and expect, and also benefit from it so much.

It’s a huge difference from normal broadband. I really notice it when I go into a pub or cafĂ© that doesn’t have it, how slow it is. It’s pretty clear that to upgrade your broadband is a sensible business decision. It makes everything run smoother and it’s a massive improvement for us at the Bell Inn.”


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