Creative Associates Design & Comms Limited


"Faster data transfer and internet access has allowed us to complete and deliver work much more quickly than at standard broadband speeds. We can also enjoy better video and VOIP conferencing with our international clients without experiencing such a peak-time slowdown.”

Karen Reynolds

Rolling hills

Creative Associates had encountered difficulties uploading files in excess of 2Gb. For years, staff worked in the evening to upload big files due to the impact it had on their standard internet service, which would often just ‘time-out.’ As an alternative, they would send a back-up USB in the post, which was a much slower method of transfer and would significantly impact their deadlines. It was clear that superfast broadband was a necessity to send and receive files quickly and reliably; give the company a faster turn-around on key jobs and as an important tool, to help maintain a competitive edge.

 So when the new Better Broadband for Oxfordshire service arrived in Adderbury in March, Creative Associates immediately made the upgrade to fibre-broadband. They are now able to receive download speeds of 78.53 Mb/s and upload of 19.89 Mb/s, which has improved the way they do business. They have also changed Internet Service Providers to receive a more suitable business package to their suit needs.

 Karen Reynolds, Director of Creative Associates Design explained:

“Having experienced downtime issues in the past with switching providers, we had the new package installed on a different line to the existing broadband - this meant we had a totally uninterrupted service during the switchover. Had we not done this, there would have been a few hours of service interruption whilst the switch took place, as it involved upgrading the existing incoming telephone socket in the building as well as installing and enabling the new router; something people with an older phone line should be aware of and take into account when planning outages!”

As advice to others wanting to make the transfer to fibre-broadband, Karen explained:

“If minimising downtime is key, have your incoming socket(s) checked before you plan your installation date so that: (i) the engineer has the correct equipment on hand and (ii) the installation can be completed before the switch to speed things up. If you have internal firewalls enabled, ensure your IT person is on hand at the time of the installation to co-ordinate the router / firewall resets.”

Karen Reynolds is a Director at Creative Associates Design and Comms Limited based in Adderbury. They provide graphic communications, web design and social media marketing services for international, blue chip companies. As graphic designers, they specialise in publications and large format event materials, which regularly require the electronic transfer of artwork files to printers and clients.