Dan - Parish Councillor, Broadband Champion, busy household and running a consultancy business!


“Get on with it! Fibre broadband means faster speeds, a superior and more stable broadband service and often at little or no extra cost, because of the choice of providers.”

Dan requires reliability and simultaneous use for his busy household with two children, consultancy business, as a Parish Councillor and Broadband Champion.

“The internet is always in constant use, especially by the children for homework, but also for music and film streaming, email, cloud storage and general browsing.”

Dan says, since upgrading to superfast fibre broadband it’s been much easier for him and his family to connect more than one device to the internet simultaneously. Whereas previously, they could only use one film streaming or catch-up service at a time; often experiencing unwelcome buffering.

“I mainly use the internet for managing the website for Turville Parish Council and Turville Broadband Action Group. On the business side, I provide consultancy and implementation for Business Transformation for start-ups at a certain point of their growth.”

Since upgrading to superfast broadband, Dan’s broadband download speeds have soared to 86Mbps from 2.5Mbps and his upload speeds have increased significantly too, from 0.3Mbps to 19Mbps!

In relation to the benefits of upgrading, Dan explains that superfast broadband has made an enormous difference to his business and has also reduced the daily commute! Dan can now work from home and connect with people overseas using video conferencing, which wasn’t possible before; this opportunity has also enabled Dan to expand his business and become a necessary part of his role. With file management, Dan can use cloud services, which again, was not previously possible due to the amount required and size of the files. Dan has also experienced a lack of mobile phone coverage in his area, which proved very unreliable; now it has significantly improved.

Dan wanted to share his experience of making the upgrade to fibre broadband and explained:

“I have used my internet service provider for a very long time to manage my broadband, landline and other services (domain names, hosting) and was therefore keen to stay with them if I could. They are always fantastic to deal with; definitely not the cheapest, but well worth the extra cost for the amazing service. Upgrading to one of their fibre broadband services was a very smooth process.”

As a Parish Councillor and neighbour, Dan is aware of the general level of engagement and requirement for superfast broadband in the village and has informed the Better Broadband Team that a large number of residents have already upgraded. Dan explains:

“Superfast broadband has made a significant impact throughout the village, with different households benefiting in different ways. This benefit has enabled people to work from home, use film / catch-up streaming and most importantly, it gives reliability / quality of service.”


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