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Digital Skills and Inclusion - giving everyone access to the digital skills they need

17 May 2017


For the UK to be a world-leading digital economy that works for everyone, it is crucial that everyone has the digital skills they need to fully participate in society. A significant part of the population remains digitally excluded and there are those who have basic digital skills and connectivity, but lack the confidence and knowledge to make the most of the digital economy, whether at work or beyond. As the digital economy grows, there will be an even greater demand for people with specialist digital skills.

The Digital Skills and Inclusion strategy will enable people in every part of society to access internet opportunities and to take full advantage of transformational benefits of the digital revolution.

Three strands of objectives:

  1. ensuring that we continue to tackle the root causes of digital exclusion and that everyone can increase their digital capability to make the most of the digital world
  2. developing the full range of digital skills that individuals and companies across the country need in an increasingly digital economy, and supporting people to up-skill and re-skill throughout their working lives.
  3. strong collaboration between the public, private and third sector to tackle the digital skills gap in a coordinated and coherent way, so the sum is greater than the parts and everyone everywhere has better access to the training they want


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Source: GOV.UK