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Extension to the Better Basic Broadband Scheme

23 March 2018

The Basic Broadband Scheme has been developed by the UK government and now extended until 31/12/18 to ensure that every household and business in the UK can access an affordable basic broadband service. ‘Affordable’ is defined as a service that costs no more than £400 a year including installation, equipment and monthly fee.

The scheme is aimed at homes and businesses currently experiencing poor broadband speeds or unable to obtain an affordable broadband service at all. The purpose is to enable premises that are unable to access speeds of more than 2Mbps to continue to gain access to a basic broadband service in advance of them benefitting from superfast coverage or implementation of the Universal Service Obligation (USO).

To check if you are eligible or for further information regarding the Basic Broadband Scheme, please follow this link.

Visit our FAQ page to read more about the Universal Service Obligation (USO) or visit GOV.UK.