Bringing superfast broadband to over 96% of homes and businesses in Oxfordshire by the end of 2018

Final 4%

The Better Broadband for Oxfordshire programme achieved its target of 95% coverage of superfast broadband across Oxfordshire in December 2017.  We now expect to achieve over 96% superfast coverage by December 2018, comprised as follows:

  • Baseline commercial coverage 69%
  • Phase 1 coverage 22.5%
  • Phase 2 coverage 3.9%
  • Phase 3 coverage 0.9%
  • Total c 96.3% coverage


Whilst this places Oxfordshire in the upper quartile of counties in terms of having access to superfast broadband, we anticipate there to be approximately 8,500 premises which will not have access, and for which Oxfordshire County Council has no fully funded solution, due to the very high cost of intervention required. 

If your broadband speed is slow then you can check if you are you in scope for future deployment through the Better Broadband for Oxfordshire programme on our coverage map

If you are receiving speeds below 2Mbps then you may wish to consider accessing our Better Basic Broadband Subsidy Scheme.  The scheme has been developed to provide access to a subsidised broadband installation with a download speed of at least 2Mbps.  Once you are not in scope for delivery in the next six months then you are eligible to access this subsidy. 

Another possible option, if you are not in scope for delivery under our programme, is to think about getting together with neighbours or a local community group and raising the money to co-fund building the network.  The county council has recently launched a scheme to assist communities that are not covered by our programme, this is called the Community funded partnerships scheme.


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