Giles – Multiple devices and applications for modern day living!


“We have joined the connected world! Before, we couldn’t even do the basics that everyone else took for granted; it felt worse than the very old, dial-up internet using modems! Now, it’s essential if you have a number of modern devices that you need to use simultaneously and FTTP will be a significant selling point for our property.”

Giles lives in the beautiful village of Goring-on-Thames, situated in south Oxfordshire in the Goring Cap, which separates the Berkshire Downs and Chiltern Hills.

From making the upgrade to ultrafast broadband with Fibre-to-the-Premise (FTTP), Giles is not only future proofed, but now feels “connected to the world” with internet speeds that have undoubtedly soared to 100Mb/s (cable) and 61Mb/s (wireless) from previously receiving 2-6Mb/s!

Giles requires reliable, simultaneous use of ultrafast broadband for both personal and business needs and also works from home 1-2 days a week. In particular, Giles uses multiple devices and applications for house automation, streaming TV & music, social media and managing copious amounts of photos. Giles explained that other fibre solutions couldn’t fulfill his requirement, including wireless, which had poor signal that regularly dropped and was hindered by flint brick walls in the house. It wasn’t until the affordable and practical solution of having fibre laid directly to the premise, could Giles take-up a service that would serve his requirement.

Giles recalls previous experiences:

“I couldn’t even make back-up files to the cloud because I could only copy 10s of megabytes rather than gigabytes. When using applications, it would take 5-10 attempts to download these and shockingly, the car satnav took 7 hours! Even the heating thermostat required internet access but was affected due to poor signal. TV streaming would also completely fail to fully download during every programme and after several attempts, that’s rather frustrating when you can’t watch the entire programme!

Giles can now rest assured that from having ultrafast broadband, he has chosen a service that has the capacity to allow house automation and for business use, he can open and work on several documents simultaneously without the computer freezing from poor signal issues. Giles is also delighted that he can be more productive with his time, given that satnav now takes 40 minutes to download compared 7 hours! The high definition of video streaming is also certainly a step forward and even full computer back-ups are possible for cloud storage and iTunes. Best of all, Giles is amazed by the significant improvement with no disruption in service to the wireless home-hub; even through flint walls!

From making the upgrade, Giles explains the process as:

“Seamless and very professional. All appointments were kept on time and my expectations were met regarding where the sockets needed to go and what work would happen before we were connected. Although it did take a long time to install the infrastructure in the village, this was only because there was a lot of work required to lay 1.5 miles of new fibre, including tree cutting! Well done Openreach for making our lives vastly improved.”