Home Helpers Care


"Contacting my Internet Service Provider (ISP) was easy to make the upgrade. I received a very good deal with the package to suit our business needs. I now spend less time waiting to connect to our systems, CM2000.''

James Orchard

care home

James Orchard is the company director of Home Helpers Care Ltd, based in Sutton Courtenay. His company provides tailored support for the elderly living in their own homes throughout Oxfordshire and Berkshire.

Thanks to the Better broadband for Oxfordshire Programme, James was able to upgrade to superfast broadband from the end of September 2014, which has proved invaluable for him as a small business owner.

Being able to use superfast broadband has made a big difference to James’ day-to-day work. He can now more efficiently access the data and care plans that he needs to provide the tailored support he offers. This he says has helped to meet the requirements of his clients more effectively as their needs change over time.

James can now access superfast broadband speeds of 40mbps, which enables more efficient file transfer download and upload of large files at faster speeds.