James – Pleasing two young adults with the latest technology; being a Parish Councillor, Broadband Champion and Working from Home!


“Superfast broadband has been a gamechanger for our entire community – Thank you BBfO!”

James has many roles, but has positively been a consistent, main point of contact for assisting the Better Broadband team in the delivery of superfast broadband to his local community and the best part of it all, helping to relay the good news! James has even placed the ‘Fibre broadband is here...’ awareness stickers onto the new, fibre broadband cabinets; it’s been such a pleasure to have this assistance. 

James has a family household with his wife and two young adults and as you would expect, they all require multiple and simultaneous use of their broadband - smart home devices for their lights, thermostats and switches; video conferencing; streaming music, TV and films and in particular for his daughter undertaking A-Levels, instant web browsing and streaming for her research.

James recalls:

“When our eldest son moved to Bristol for his employment, we could only rely on telephone conversations to communicate with him. Now, we have superfast broadband and are able to use video conferencing facilities, which makes a real difference - we can also have a group family video conference, even in different rooms…very futuristic!”

For business use, James explains:

“Both my wife and I work for two separate county councils, which both support flexible working where possible. However, it was not a suitable option before we made the upgrade to superfast broadband because our internet connection was too slow and during anything like peak demand, our connection would dramatically drop and we would be left constantly, having to reboot our router, which made home working significantly less efficient. Also, in my role as a Parish Councillor, I require fast and reliable broadband to download and upload large documents from our meetings to the parish website. 

James reflects upon the problems they used to receive:

“Before superfast broadband, streaming one device was problematic and we had to take it in turns to watch our favourite programmes; now, we can all perform our software updates simultaneously. It used to be frantic trying to schedule these around each other and if one of our phones or devices decided to carry out an automatic update, it would prevent anyone else from using the internet until it had completed – absolute mayhem!”

Before the upgrade to superfast broadband, James received download speeds of 1.2Mbps, but he now receives the opposite extreme of 71Mbps, which enables James’ family to use multiple devices simultaneously and to reliably work from home. James explains that sharing the internet now is never a problem, because there is ample bandwidth to achieve the most demanding downloads and streaming and so far, it has never been frustrating or let us down; we are very pleased with our new service.

James recalls the experiences he had encountered:

“As a Parish Councillor, I have been inundated with positive praise from the village community towards both the Parish Council and County Council. At times, it felt like an eternity whilst we were waiting for our village to be eligible and of course it wasn’t without unavoidable hiccups along the way, but due to collaborative communication between the residents, Parish Council and County Council, the outcome was testament to all those involved in the project.”

James remembers when the new cabinet he is connected to had been delivered and his experience of making the upgrade:

When I heard that our superfast broadband connection had been enabled, I decided to change Internet Service Providers to get a more reliable service and despite changing suppliers, it could not have gone more smoothly. I was given a date of two weeks for my provider to be swapped over and the date and time that I was given was honoured, right down to the exact hour; all direct debits were also very easy to set-up and cancel.”

As advice to others wanting to make the upgrade, James says:

“If you already have broadband, you will probably be able to get a much quicker service for relatively the same cost as standard broadband, but with much better results. I don’t think I could ever go back to what we had before - what are you waiting for!”