John - Connecting with his family in the UK


"Just do it. We found that superfast broadband is actually cheaper than our previous service with a huge change in speed. We also changed internet providers when we upgraded; our past provider was really good, but making the change consolidated our bills.''

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John is based in the US, whilst his wife, teenage son and their three younger nephews and nieces are based in their Oxfordshire home in the Cherwell district. John’s son is the main internet user and frequently accesses a variety of internet sources, including YouTube, streaming music, watching videos, social networking with his favourite groups and most of all, using his PS3 and PS4 for online gaming. John’s large family household is a busy environment with all of them regularly using the internet simultaneously.

Before John moved to the US, his previous employment in the UK required him to work remotely. However issues would occur when John’s son or anyone else in their household accessed the internet, which resulted in John’s network connection dropping out or lagging behind.

When superfast fibre broadband arrived in their area, the family upgraded their broadband service and now receive upload speeds of up to 40 Megabits per second (Mbps) around eight times faster than before.

Prior to the upgrade, John’s teenage son would constantly complain about the lag in his games, buffering on YouTube, the poor quality of Skype calls (not only within in the UK, but also to the US) and needing to abandon video chatting due to quality and the choppy audio.

John can now meet the broadband requirements for all of his family. John is also relieved that he can rely on Skype calls with his son, which have improved exponentially and the best result is, he no longer hears complaints about internet speed!