New to working remotely?

25 March 2020

Following the Government’s latest instructions that those of us who can work from home must do so, we recognise that for some people this will be a new and possibly slightly daunting experience.

To help people adjust to what will be the new normal for some time to come we are providing some useful links below that offer help and advice on various topics related to working remotely ranging from useful technical tips and help through to how to effectively manage a team remotely.

Please note that these links will open to third party content.

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  • BBC News

(i) Avoid using microwave to get faster internet

(ii) How can we stay in virtual touch with older relatives?

  • ISP review

(i) A look at UK internet traffic across March 2020

(ii) Home working probably won’t break UK broadband

  • ITV News

(i) Broadband data caps removed in UK to help minimise impact of coronavirus

(ii) Measures to help vulnerable people stay connected online are announced