Pam - Building a New Life


“The workshops motivated me to find a new niche in my career. I was a corporate legal advisor before, but I became inspired to become more digitally creative and innovative towards stating-up my own business. I now want to teach others the possibilities of using social media and to be aware of legalities.”

Pam attended 17 of the 50 Women and Broadband workshops organised by the Better Broadband for Oxfordshire programme. These were a series of workshops to enhance the digital skills of women in the county and ran between September 2015 and March 2016, funded by the Government Equalities Office. 

Three weeks after life-changing brain surgery, Pam signed up to social media workshops to expand her legal expertise. Pam’s perspective on life is to take on new challenges and acquire new skills - she wanted to break the daily routine of her previous role and to do something different!

Pam gained valuable knowledge in the many different strands of social media and wants other people to be aware of legal considerations, such as photographic consent and many more.

“Attending the workshops made me think differently and consider other legal opportunities relevant to my background. I was also able to network with others aspiring to start-up a business; people from different professions and to share experiences. The tutors were fun and approachable and never made you feel stupid; they were keen to help.”

After the workshops finished, Pam felt supported by her tutor and equipped with the knowledge and confidence to start-up her own business; even down to the fine detail of ensuring she had the best photographer, when needed at a later stage!  

Social media has helped me to develop a networking group at the touch of a button. I was also able to join my tutor’s networking group, those recommended and with the attendees on the course.”

At the end of September 2016, Pam will start teacher training so that she can learn the methodologies to share her legal expertise for best practice in using social media.