Bringing superfast broadband to over 96% of homes and businesses in Oxfordshire by the end of 2018

Superfast broadband comes to Banbury Business Park!

30 October 2017

Banbury Business Park is an expanding commercial centre situated on an 11-acre site, 3 miles south of Banbury on the outskirts of Adderbury. The business park has recently had fibre to the premise (FTTP) installed with 18 businesses now able to make the upgrade to a fibre-enabled service offering download speeds up to 330Mbps.*

The delivery of FTTP to the business park is with thanks to the County Council’s Better Broadband for Oxfordshire programme with the Government through Broadband Delivery UK (BDUK) and BT. In addition, a local partnership was formed in 2015 between the Oxfordshire Local Enterprise (OxLEP), South East Midlands Local Enterprise (SEMLEP), the District Councils of South Oxfordshire, Cherwell, Vale of White Horse and Oxford City Council. The aim of the programme is to provide access to fibre-enabled broadband in areas of market failure, which would have not been commercially viable without public sector investment.  

What does FTTP mean for the business park?

Fibre to the Premise provides a 100% fibre optic connection all the way from the telephone exchange to your business and offers lightning speeds and improved performance. The fibre is blown through tubes that have been installed into the ducting chambers and then splitters distribute the fibres from the exchange off to individual businesses. The main advantage of FTTP is that the connections are more reliable and do not receive interference that can affect other ADSL technologies.

Banbury Business Park will now be able to:

  • Enable a separate ‘guest wi-fi’ capability without contending their main corporate network
  • Save network costs by replacing expensive Ethernet services with fibre broadband
  • Transform their business using Cloud services and faster data transfer
  • Create, work and run their business remotely
  • Assure business resilience with a low-cost fibre broadband back-up circuit
  • Shared workspaces and video conferencing for customers and colleagues – online collaboration made easy


* In the event that your Internet Service Provider does not offer an FTTP service, you may need to consider changing to a different ISP